European Roulette Pro

European Roulette Pro

European Roulette Pro

European Roulette Pro developed by Play'n GO has won recognition throughout the world. With this game, you can immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a real casino without ever leaving your home. In addition, those who choose to play European Roulette Pro are highly likely to win good money.

When you begin playing, you will see a roulette table with a single zero and 36 numbered pockets. The game consists of several rounds, and each of them begins with making a bet. Before spinning the wheel, select chips, the value of which ranges from 1 to 100. Once done, click on any number from 0 to 36 available on the table. If you win, you will immediately get your prize.

Those who like classical roulette will surely like this online game designed by Play'n GO.

Play roulette in casino online and win big without leaving your home!

Do you like to visit gambling establishments in your city and sit at a casino roulette table from time to time? Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement that come with each spin of the wheel? You are not alone in this – at least every third person who frequents land-based gambling clubs chooses to play casino roulette rather than any other game available!

Even though roulette rules aren’t the easiest ones to master and the odds of winning vary greatly from one house to another, millions of players still prefer to take their chances with American, French, or Russian roulette (same as European roulette) because they believe these games combine fun, thrill, logic, and luck in just the right proportions.

Which games does a casino with roulette have?

The three most popular roulette game types in SA casinos are American, French, and Russian (European) roulette. The rules for playing each are different; additionally, they vary in how the table layout looks. Here is a brief description of each to help you make up your mind about which game you would like to try first:

  1. American roulette casino game

A distinguishing characteristic of the American roulette version is an extra zero, which is added to the traditional zero on the playing field and in the wheel. Since it somewhat lowers the player’s odds of winning, not every online roulette casino uses it, and most of the time, the game is played online with a single zero.

  1. French roulette casino game

It is the oldest type of roulette game played around the world. French roulette only uses one zero, which increases the player’s chances of winning. At the same time, it provides fewer side bet options, making it less appealing to experienced gambling fans.

  1. Russian roulette casino game

This one is a standard single-zero game with 37 slots in the range of 1 to 36. Players around the globe prefer this version of roulette to all others because it provides them with decent chances of winning and offers tons of exciting side bet options to try.

Why play roulette online?

For the most part, online casino roulette feels, sounds, and plays just like the live game in any land-based gambling club. The only difference is in the level of flexibility that online play offers. When you play it from home, you can do it in the way and the time most convenient for you. Furthermore, you can find yourself free casino roulette games and test them at no cost until you are ready to switch from free play to real money bets.

Tips on how to play roulette in a casino online

How do you play roulette in a casino online? The answer depends on the type of game you choose, your current skill level, and the money you are willing to bet. Nevertheless, here are some universal recommendations that should help make the most out of this experience:

  • Learn the rules and understand the odds before placing your first bet
  • Work on your primary and exit betting strategies to maximize your profits and minimize losses
  • Try playing a casino roulette free online game before you move on to betting with real money
  • Find an online casino you trust.
  • Never bet more than you have and know when to stop.